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https + Tor
Secure connection.

Nirvana Browser
Private and secure browser for our site.

version 2019-03-28
Works in Windows 7 and above.
Install is very simple: download and run :-)
version 2019-03-28
Works in any modern version of Linux.

chmod +x
Other platforms

Questions and requests
Your questions and suggestions about the program can leave on the blog

About the program
  • Completely free.
  • Is automatically updated.
  • Protection against wiretapping traffic, thanks to the use of https + Tor technologies.
  • The program can not be blocked. Through the use of Tor can bypass any Internet censorship and blocking sites. All this is done only for your comfortable and private stay on the site. It is forbidden to use the program to violate the law and the rules of the site.
  • For normal work program need unlimited Internet access with speeds from 128kbit/sec. It is not advised to run the program, if you have a 3G/GPRS Internet with MBS payment. Website administration is not responsible for your expenses on Internet traffic.
  • You use the program "AS IS". Website administration is not responsible for the program actions and for your actions when using the program.